Thursday, March 15, 2012

L and R 4EVAH!

Ok, so I know I told you guys last week about how L and R were totally on the outs.  I even went so far as to say "Next stop for these two:  splitsville!"  Boy do I have an egg on my face!  I could NOT have been MORE wrong.  I just talked to R last night, and it turns out things are BETTER. THAN. EVER.  And hold on to your seats, dear readership, because this next ones gonna be a DOOZY!  Word is, L even started hinting at tying the knot.  It turns out that angry text R got from L last week was actually meant for K.  Yes, that K.  Turns out K has been coming on to L in a big way, but he is not having it one bit.  So when R got the text last week saying "I think it would be better for both of us if you went to a travel agency, booked a trip to some where as far away as possible, got there, lost your passport and your wallet, took refuge in a local monastery, began to appreciate their simple but beautiful life style, took a vow of silence to show your commitment to their order, and never spoke to me again" it was not meant for her at all.  I think the only winner in a mix up like that is whoever makes Kleenex brand tissues, because R and I made it through more than one box that night.  But when R showed up on L's doorstep with her bags packed, R picked her up, hugged her and said (do ya'll got your Kleenex brand tissues ready? You'll need 'em) "The only vow I want you to make is to be my wife."  I KNOW RIGHT?!?  I get tear eyed just thinking about it.  Needless to say, R cancelled her flight right away and the two of them had a great laugh over the whole thing.  Too bad R forgot to cancel the OTHER part of her itinerary.  So yeah, I feel bad about slashing all four of L's tires that night.  But we all had a good laugh about it.  Looks like L and R are going to be taking a few more rides on his cute little scooter of his.  Isn't love the best?

*Sorry guys, I just remembered this thing existed, and I wanted, just for one post, to pretend that I am a frequent updater with awesome stories to tell to a huge audience.  Perhaps, someday soon, I'll even update you on what is really happening in my life, rather than the fictional lives of my good friends L and R, and my nemesis K.