Monday, June 13, 2011

About Face

I would not blame this guy one bit if he was a little peeved right now

Do you know what potentially could be a super annoying thing?  Imagine this:  you move back home for a couple weeks after surviving another year of college.  You are ready to get a little work done, but mostly relax for a spell and kick it with the peeps.  Of course you have peeps, and of course you call them peeps, because that is just the kind of person you are.  And you "kick it" with people.  Got it?  Okey doke.  Now imagine that you also have a lot to get done and really need to use your time off from school well if you have any hope of getting in to medical school so that you can become a doctor.  Otherwise you might have to be a dentist.
Just kidding, Tyler.  Oh, and good job on graduating from dental school.  That was the only place you got accepted, right?
So now imagine that your little "vaycay" (also, never call it that, that sounds ridiculous) is over and you've convinced yourself that going back up north is going to be a good thing, because even though all you've got so far is one measly little interview with the sketchiest company ever created, you'll be able to find a good job, maybe take a phlebotomy course, and finally start taking your first baby steps towards your goals.
Now imagine that it's your first day back in Salt Lake, and you're actually a little bit excited because there are some stellar concerts coming up, and the weather is great, and the city is wide open with possibility.  You're having a good time with some friends that are sure nice to have around while you're up there, and do make being in SLC a much better experience.  And then imagine you find out that you actually have to move back home for the summer.
Wouldn't that be a little bit annoying?  Your first day back?  I mean you were starting, or at least planning on starting, to figure things out.  And then you have to pack up everything again and head home, just like that.  Pretty much a guaranteed bummer, right?
Because sometimes the reason you have to move back is because you get a text from Bob Cope offering you the exact job that you sometimes dreamed about having for the summer where you will get all kinds of experience working as a medical assistant (even though a medical assistant you are not.)
That is kind of what happened to me and kind of why I'm pretty darn excited for this summer and for how it is turning out.  I just wanted you to feel it too.


  1. Just wanted to let you know it was I who gave a one Bob Cope your number so he could send you that text. It's the least a measly dentist could do for his soon to be RD (real doctor) brother-in-law.

  2. i resent the above dentist comments!

  3. i like doctors AND dentists. win win.

  4. Hey thanks ty, and I hope you know that I have a great deal of respect for your DDS. I mean, I'm mostly finishing up school to become a doctor, just got to get my associates, finish my pre med stuff, graduate, go to the U Med School.... it's a long road but I'm just finishing up. I would have a lot more respect for you if you had a B.A. B.S. Ph.D. DDS, but thats okay.

  5. Hey I qualified for an AS or AA from prestigious Dixie State College, so I'm basically Tyler Torres AS, AA, BS, DDS